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Alternative Proteins? No Whey!

Over the past year, I’ve set some challenging fitness goals for myself. From joining a quirky workout group to running my first half marathon – I’ve started a quest to improve my wellbeing and it doesn’t stop at the gym. This fitness journey has sparked my interest in protein and various ways to incorporate it […]

Foraging Across New England

I spent the summer of 2010 working in a one Michelin starred restaurant in the heart of California’s wine country.  The restaurant was the kind of place that grew most of its own vegetables. It was there that I learned how to forage for food. Our two-and-a-half acre farm that grew the restaurant’s vegetables not […]

Friday Flashback to Food Labels

With nutrition labels making headlines every other day, we can all use a refresher on what all those common food labels actually mean. So let’s revisit one of our first Chewing Noises posts that breaks down the definitions behind everything from organic to whole grain. *** Food shopping has never been so complicated. You walk […]

Is Farm to Table Really a Trend?

We’re in a state of rapid movement, technology, and innovation. Welcome to 2016, right? That new coconut water you tasted yesterday? Well, the next big company will re-formulate it 100 times by tomorrow. Many consider the “farm to table” movement to be one of the biggest trends in the world right now and it’s one that’s […]

Coconut Oil Conundrum

Coconut oil – healthy choice, miracle ingredient, or just another saturated fat? Join the club, the debate’s been unfolding for years. Let’s break it down. The Dirt Coconut oil is about 90% saturated fat making it the most concentrated food source of sat fat out there. To put it into context, even butter is only […]

Why We Need Modernized Home Economics

When we say home economics, what comes to mind? Sewing machines, Stepford Wives and Betty Crocker? At some point people started to associate home economics with anti-feminism as it implied that a career in the home was the only possible path for women. But removing home ec from school curriculums entirely isn’t doing anything for […]

Dining Dilemma – How to Prepare an Allergy Free Meal

Let’s face it. Preparing an allergy free meal is not a walk in the park. You’ve been tasked with a laundry list of things to look out for but don’t know where to start. You might be second guessing why you invited anyone over in the first place, but we’ve got you covered. You’ll be […]

The How, Why, and What’s of Lacto-Fermentation

Home ferments are on the rise, whether that’s home-brewing beer, mothering a kombucha, or feeding a sourdough starter. My fermentation obsession centers around one of the oldest vegetable preservations methods: Lacto-fermentation. If you’ve ever eaten a homemade sauerkraut or kimchi, you’ve eaten the results of lacto-fermentation. Let’s break down the how, why and what’s actually […]

Real Ingredients, Real Connections

Food defines us. It defines the tastes, textures, and feelings that flood through our memories. Food reminds us of are our firsts, our lasts, and our loves. The first time we had a peanut butter and jelly. The last time we ate a creamsicle on a warm summer’s night. The loved ones who fed us […]

Beyond Açaí: Meet These 5 Superfoods

Just when you learned how to pronounce açaí, it’s time to move on. Well, not move on but expand. Açaí’s hit the mainstream market and for good reason. Its health benefits hold up and the fruit adds a tropical flair even in the dead of winter. But there are other superfoods worth your dime. Plus, […]