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Essential Oils & A Love Letter to DHA

The fact that not all fats are bad isn’t anything new, but it’s certainly marking the mainstream conversation more and more lately. I still remember when my mom used to give me a spoon full of cod oil emulsion every day as she insisted that her mom did the same when she was little. So […]

Nootropics: The Hype, Breakdown and Bottom Line

We’re in a culture that glorifies busy and champions all nighters. At the same time, there’s a growing obsession with biohacking, and that’s where nootropics come in. Pills that could make you think, sleep, and perform better? Our verdict’s still out but it’s about time we all paid attention to nootropics. They aren’t going anywhere. […]

Coconut Oil Conundrum

Coconut oil – healthy choice, miracle ingredient, or just another saturated fat? Join the club, the debate’s been unfolding for years. Let’s break it down. The Dirt Coconut oil is about 90% saturated fat making it the most concentrated food source of sat fat out there. To put it into context, even butter is only […]

Why We Need Modernized Home Economics

When we say home economics, what comes to mind? Sewing machines, Stepford Wives and Betty Crocker? At some point people started to associate home economics with anti-feminism as it implied that a career in the home was the only possible path for women. But removing home ec from school curriculums entirely isn’t doing anything for […]

Beyond Açaí: Meet These 5 Superfoods

Just when you learned how to pronounce açaí, it’s time to move on. Well, not move on but expand. Açaí’s hit the mainstream market and for good reason. Its health benefits hold up and the fruit adds a tropical flair even in the dead of winter. But there are other superfoods worth your dime. Plus, […]