Essential Oils & A Love Letter to DHA

The fact that not all fats are bad isn’t anything new, but it’s certainly marking the mainstream conversation more and more lately. I still remember when my mom used to give me a spoon full of cod oil emulsion every day as she insisted that her mom did the same when she was little. So […]

Chew Bites: Course 8

It’s that time again for this week’s edition of Chew Bites – a weekly roundup of our favorite stories in the worlds of food, nutrition, sustainability, and innovation. Here’s what stuck with us: The Most Sustainable Restaurant In The World Might Be This School Cafeteria on Fast Company: The Muse School kitchen sits atop one […]

Guide to Local Farmers’ Markets: Boston & Beyond

Alright, spring itself is a hotly debated, somewhat mythical season in this part of town. Boston likes to go from arctic to scorching overnight, but spring does mark something no matter where you stand: farmers’ markets are back in action! Starting the next couple weeks, you’ll see these markets pop up all over the city, […]

Is Farm to Table Really a Trend?

We’re in a state of rapid movement, technology, and innovation. Welcome to 2016, right? That new coconut water you tasted yesterday? Well, the next big company will re-formulate it 100 times by tomorrow. Many consider the “farm to table” movement to be one of the biggest trends in the world right now and it’s one that’s […]

Chew Bites: Course 7

We’re back in action with another round of Chew Bites – a weekly roundup of our favorite stories in the world of food, nutrition, sustainability, and innovation. Here’s what caught our eye… Why Organic Restaurant Certification Matters on Civil Eats: Why it matters, what it means, and who’s primed to push organic into the mainstream. The Rotten […]

Nootropics: The Hype, Breakdown and Bottom Line

We’re in a culture that glorifies busy and champions all nighters. At the same time, there’s a growing obsession with biohacking, and that’s where nootropics come in. Pills that could make you think, sleep, and perform better? Our verdict’s still out but it’s about time we all paid attention to nootropics. They aren’t going anywhere. […]

Spotlight on Boston’s Food Startup Scene

We’re lucky to call Boston home and like every good local here, we have an annoying amount of hometown pride. When you hear Boston, you might think about our sports teams, history, universities or marathon. But there’s something else shaping this city more and more every day – our food startup scene. Let’s take a […]

Chew Bites: Course 6

Welcome back to your weekly serving of Chew Bites – our favorite stories from last week in the world of food, innovation, and sustainability. Here’s what you missed… Obama’s latest food crackdown: Salt on Politico: First it was fat, then sugar, now salt. With new voluntary sodium regulations slated for this summer, here’s a look […]

Top Trends Pulsing Through Expo West

The Natural Products Expo (often called “Expo West”) has become a benchmark event for anyone in the natural products industry. This expo showcases the latest innovations, displays the tried & true products, and rings a bell for the missing ones. And that’s why more than 70,000 consumers, product developers, retailers, manufactures, and farmers flock to […]

Coconut Oil Conundrum

Coconut oil – healthy choice, miracle ingredient, or just another saturated fat? Join the club, the debate’s been unfolding for years. Let’s break it down. The Dirt Coconut oil is about 90% saturated fat making it the most concentrated food source of sat fat out there. To put it into context, even butter is only […]